Valentines Day Outfit Ideas ♡

Hey Guys,

This is Wilford Lenov. I am very excited to present to you my new style blog.  I want to show some cool outfit ideas & inspiration for all you fashion junkies or fashion brain-deads. Every Other Thursday I will be posting Fashion Inspirations to each different styles, such as Grunge, Prep, 90’s New wave,  Gothic & Boho.

The first post is going to be Valentines Day outfit ideas. All the wardrobe is by American Apparel and can be purchased here .


Here’s Layla ♡  She is our “90’s New Wave Girl.” she is wearing Striped Crop top, Chiffon Button up, Easy Jean, Graphic Loser T, White Over-alls, Micro Mesh Crop Top,  Pink PVC skirt. Black Crop Top, Plaid Skirt, Pastel Letter Man Jock Jackets, Acid wash jeans, Nylon Jacket.

Here’s Ally V ♡  She is wearing American Apparel Head to toe- Micro Mesh Button up, White Crop top, Chiffon Wide Leg Pant,  Fringe Dress,  Black Crop Top, Pleated Pants, & Pleated Shorts.

Meet Jazmin P ♡ she is our “Gothic Grunge Girl” – She is wearing American Apparel’s Romper, Floral Unisex Button up,  Skater Ponte Dress, Black Circle Collar Shirt, Black Leather Cali Select Skirt, Pin Striped bustier top, & Nylon Tights.


Meet Tiana Cole ♡ She is our “Preppy Girl”, you may recognize her from American Apparel ads.  She is wearing White Crop Top, Pink Houndstooth, Fuzzy Sweater (Cali Fun & Sun collection), Chiffon Button up, & Sparkle dress.



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